Camera Lens for Pixel 2Xl (Anti-Scratch Glass Material)

  • Anti Scratch Glass Material
  • Camera Glass Lens
  • With Self Adhesive Tape / Sticker
  • Compatible with all Versions
  • Easy to Install or apply

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Camera Lens for Pixel 2Xl

overview_hero_2xReplace damaged, shattered, cracked Camera Lens for Pixel 2Xl This Replacement Camera Lens best replacement of damaged original camera lens.
This Camera Lens made up of best quality Anti-Scratch Glass Material which prevents any scratch on glass due to surface contact.
Compatible with all versions.
Replacement of this camera lens in handset is easy and it can be done at home.
This replacement Camera Glass Lens comes with Self Adhesive tape. So, you do not need any other medium to apply on handset.


Camera Glass Lens Installation Guide


  1. Gently remove damaged camera glass lens using any sharp edge tool (Use tool very carefully i can prevent back camera of your handset).
  2. Clean surface of camera lens appilcation area. Clean it properly. Please make sure there would not be any adhesive tape or glue there or any piece of glass.
  3. Remove films of camera glass lens and apply sticker on back side of camera lens (Adhesiveness of self adhesive sticker is very stong. Align camera lens and adhesive sticker properly. Adhesive tape should not cover clear area of camera lens.)
  4. Check up side or downside mark on camera lens and Align camera lens to camera lens ring / frame.
  5. Gently put preinstalled adhesive tape camera lens on camera lens ring / frame.
  6. Press camera lens using a microfibre cloth or any other cloth to prevent any air bubble between camera lens and camera lens ring.

Well done, You Replaced your damaged camera lens. Now, its time to capture a crystal clear image.
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Camera Lens for Pixel 2Xl (Anti-Scratch Glass Material)


Pixel 2Xl Camera Lens

Compatible Model

Pixel 2Xl


Anti-Scratch Glass Material


7 Days Replacement Warranty

In The Box

1 X Camera Lens for Pixel 2Xl


Anti – Scratch Glass Material, Self Adhesive


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